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Managed forex account

Our managed forex accounts program is not a standard forex managed account as you know it. To be able to give more control over the nt to the investor we are using Trade Copier service that our brokerage offers.

On regular PAMM account, when there is a new client, the balance is added to the master account balance at 5 pm EST time. It’s more complicated for trader to add/remove new client. Once new account is added, risk needs to be adjusted for new balance amount. The investor is not able to set own risk and has to use default risk that money manager normally uses on the PAMM account. Another disadvantage is that not all strategies can be traded on the PAMM account.

By utilizing PAMM Plus service the investor is copying trades from the trader. This means trading on the account is still managed by the trader, however the investor has more control over the account. Under PAMM Plus service, the account can be added or removed anytime. The investor decides himself if he wants opt-in or opt-out from the service. The account itself is fully independent and is not a part of some bigger, master account. The investor also has a power to manage risk and equity stop. By changing coefficient value the risk can be controlled as desired (increased or decreased). Also by inputting equity stop the investor is able to control maximum allowed drawdown and protect the capital.

Investing into the forex managed account program is quite simple. First, the investor needs to select the trader and open the account with our preferred broker. The investor receives access to a back-office where the account can be monitored 24/7. In the back-office the investor opts-in to receive all trades from the trader to his account, the investor can also set risk coefficient and equity stop. The trader can be suspended from trading anytime the investor wants by opting-out. In such case all positions would be closed and the trader will not be able to trade on the account anymore. Client can also request a withdrawal from the back-office, the funds are usually received within 3 working days, usually sooner.

For your peace of mind

we do all hard work

so you enjoy your investment.


We choose

We constantly work with traders, funds, banks, strategy providers, quants to search for suitable options.



We analyze

We inspect each traders track record and analyze every detail. For strategy to pass to another stage, it needs to pass strict criteria.



We test

To confirm results and performance we test each strategy with our own funds before it is offered to public.



We trade

Strategies that pass our lengthy procedures are presented to investors and are actively traded on client’s accounts.